My random Tribes

The tribe of friends

The tribe of family

The tribe of relationship

The tribe of eating

The tribe of cooking

The tribe of going out

The tribe of joking

The tribe of quiet

The tribes I'll explain will be the tribe of quiet and the tribe of cooking.

The tribe of quiet.

So mostly if you know me really well then yo would know that I'm am quiet.The only reason why I am quiet are these reasons,do not know anyone,board,focusing on drawing or even just feel like it.But yea it's really simple being quiet even my brother is quiet we are basically the same but he is smarter.But yes I do talk but only to those I know well or those I like talking to because sometimes I just don't want to talk to the wrong person as in if I talk to one I might make bad mistakes.So on this is probably why I'm am quiet in this school it's alright and cool sometimes I just start a conversation so on yea this is it basically and like if you wanna talk to me go ahead I'm free to talk to anyone really.

The Tribe of cooking

Ok so his is word but like yes I LOVE cooking I'm cook for my family sometimes only because my moms not there but once she is there I let her cook I help her out but basically she is the one that made me start cooking she mostly inspired me really.I Love it when I start cooking it feels Like I'm in another world in my mind but there are pros and cons.One time just once I made a dish that made my mom throw up I felt sad but well who cares I least I got some tips.Oh and yes basically my WHOLE family cooks my sister makes the desserts and me and my brother and mom make the meals which is a good order really sense I don't know that much about sweets nor do I like them to sorry for those who do but I'm not a sweet fan.

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3 years ago

Sorry but 2nd paragraph I meant "this"

3 years ago

And "weird" my mistakes gotta love them .-.