Ponte Vecchio

By: Jenna Phelan and Audrey McBride

Ponte Vecchio is a famous bridge in Florence. Goes across the well-known Arno River. But this bridge isn't just like any bridge, it has restaurants, shopping centers, and souvenirs everywhere you look!  We are visiting Ponte Vecchio on our first day. Ponte Vecchio has no fee to enter, but we are bringing $50.00 to shop! Along with most of the other sites we are visiting, it is a very popular place to visit, because of its unique market across the bridge! We want to visit Ponte Vecchio to purchase souvenirs, and have a fun time shopping for a couple of hours in Florence. The rating for Ponte Vecchio is 4.4 stars, according to Google.

Fun Facts about Ponte Vecchio:

  • It is not the only bridge across the Arno River. It's neighboring bridges are the Ponte Santa Trinita and the Ponte alle Grazie.
  • It is a closed-spandrel segmental stone arch bridge!
  • To have an idea of how big this bridge is, the measurements are 32 meters in width, and 30 meters in length.
  • In English, Ponte Vecchio means "old bridge".
  • No one knows who really built the Ponte Vecchio, but it was believed to be designed in the Roman times.


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