Dance is rhythmically moving to a piece of music, typically following a sequence of steps.

How are dance competitions judged?

Dance competitions usually have 3-4 judges, depending on the competition. They are judged based on many different details, including age, genre, style, technique, costume, presentation, etc. There are four different levels of dance, including beginner, junior, intermediate, and senior. Beginner is the easiest level, while senior is the most difficult level. As you progress, you will move up levels and be given more advanced choreography. The judges are easier on the younger kids, while they are strict and detailed with the intermediates and seniors.

What is the most popular type of dance?

The most popular type of dances for kids are jazz and acro, but the most popular type  for adults is ballroom dancing. Kids usually take dance lessons from dance studios and compete. Adults can be dance teachers, or be on dance themed shows, such as Dancing with the Stars, or So you Think you can Dance. Although there are many styles of dance, these are often the most popular types. These styles are popular because they often get featured on shows like Dance Moms.

How many different types of dance are there?

There are countless forms of dance, some are original and some built off of others. For example, contemporary is built off of ballet. There are many styles of dance that dance studios teach, while many are taught to ballroom dancers. Those styles are, for example, the tango, salsa, or cha-cha. Dance studios teach dances like jazz, acro, tap, ballet, contemporary, modern, musical theatre, and many more. Some studios, like mine, teach acting and modeling, also.

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