sedimentary ROCK

Description: the sedimentary rocks you see here and the Shale rock look a roof and also look like a slap for a roof on a house,  the sandstone rock look  gravel with diffent color and the limestone look smooth with shaper corners on the sides and on the front, the coal rock looks like charge and it has shape sides on the top or on the sides and this shake rocks look.


DESCRIPTION: the rocks you see here is are great and the Obsidan rock look like glass and smooth also feels like water, the Pumice rock look like a rock from the moon that brink off and is with crevice sides and with shape sides, the Rhyolite rock look like a wall that is make out of rocks or store with crevice sides, the Basalt rock look like a block from a house and with shape sides on all 6's sides, the Granite rock look very roof and has diffent colors.


DESCRIPTION: the slate rock look like stars with shaper sides with letters and letters from the lave, the schist rock look very roof and hard with crevice sides, the schist rock look very roof with out no shape sides and feels roof,hard,bube,smooth, etc, the marble rock has crevice sides and also has shape sides on the bottom and smooth, quartzite rock look roof crevice shape sides and look like glass that is solid.