"I love you"

My logo is the sign for "I love you" in ASL. I used Inkscape to make my logo. I had some problems getting the logo just right. I wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. So I tediously erased and re-drew the logo many times before I was satisfied. I also had some issues because I didn't really know how to work Inkscape yet, but I quickly figured out how to use it.

My logo is the ASL sign for "I love you". I chose this because I am fluent in ASL and it is a big part of my life. I have taught myself everything I know in ASL. I have volunteered many times at a deaf school and I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was really inspiring the kids and helping them.  I would go out and help teach the classes whenever I could. I helped teach classes, I signed books to them, I did activities with them, and I went on field trips with them. There was one experience that I had with the kids that really stuck with me. I was playing on the playground with the kids, they were all enjoying themselves, playing with me, and signing to me. One girl ran up to me, hugged me, and as she was walking away, she signed "I love you". I was really touched by that because I felt like I made an impact on her. I had only met her a couple times but I felt like she really looked up to me and appreciated me. It really made me feel good, like I was helping her in some way. ASL has really inspired me and it is now a big part of my life.

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3 years ago