Sir Isaac Newton and his orbital cannon
by Eden Mallory and David  Campbell and brinlee dorsey

Facts about Newton's Orbital Cannon

- Sir Isaac Newton's orbital cannon was just a theory.                                                          - if the cannon works it should send the ball hurdling around earth                                        - the cannon works like this,                                                                                                       1 bag of gunpowder makes the cannonball fall back into earth                                              2 bags of gun powder  it goes fast but it still falls back to earth                                             3 bags it goes into orbit                                                                                                          4 bags makes it go into orbit faster then 3                                                                            5 it goes so fast it goes out of earths orbit

Facts about newton: Newton was best know for the discovery of gravity                                  the law of universal gravitation is the distance between objects with mass increases the gravitational attraction between those objects decreases                                                 Sir Isaac newton explained gravity in his book mathematical principles of natural philosophy.

Newton came up  with calculus math                                                                                 He also came up with the laws of motion                                                                                                                                                                                                                             He also built a reflecting telescope as shown below; reflecting telescope is used by modern day astronomers to look into space.