Can You Design a Plan to

Enhance the Green Revolution in South Asia?

By: Sid Rao, Sofie van Doorn, and Aidan Campbell


Definition: Green Revolution; a large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the use of fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, and high-yield crop varieties.


"My personal view is for short term green revolution was very advantageous but being a farmer myself I believe in long term it has caused a lot of problem for us.

When we talk about negative and positive impact of Green revolution in Indian context we see a lot of them and a book can be written on the subject but for ease I am giving only few main points and not going into details." - A Farmer


1 - Increase of Production.

2-The economical situation is improving by ten-fold, including small farmers who get better crop production and working conditions improve.

3- Better land use.

4- New seeds have been developed with better yield and disease fighting capability.


1- Degradation of land; due to change in land use pattern and employing two and three crop rotation every year land quality has gone down, and due to heavy chemical fertilizer inputs land has become extremely hard or extremely boggy.

2- Pest infestation has gone up; pests which we used to control by bio degradable methods have become resistant to many pesticides and now these chemicals are not very effective.

3- Loss of bio diversity; due to heavy use of chemical pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers; we have lost many birds and insects.

4- Chemicals in water; the chemicals which we have been using in our farms go down and contiminate ground water which in the long term can destroy crops and hurt people in the future.

5: Water table has gone down; water table has gone down due to lack of water harvesting systems and now we have to pull water from 300 to 400 ft. depth which was 40 to 50 feet earlier.


Now that we have diagnosed the green revolution, it's time to come up with a possible solution.

Possible solution:

In a public space build a green house with as many racks of plant as you can fit. This will decease the space needed to farm, and since the fertilizers will be used there, soil as result will not be destroyed. Construct many of these green houses and hire both rich and poor farmers to work there, you can pay them in money and/or food. Since all farmers will work there disputes over water are less likely to occur, and because water is shared by everyone famine is less likely to occur.


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