All body lice & diseases, this is a once and a life time opportunity for you! As we lice speak, World War 1 is in progress and soldiers who are fighting in the trenches right now are easy prey for us. Here are a few reasons as to why we would live successful lives on the soldiers in the trenches:

1. They lack the necessary materials to rid of us lice.

2. The soldiers are weak and injured from the war so we'll be the least of their concerns.

3. They have tons of equipment to carry so our eggs have many places to hide and hatch.

4. The diseases we carry, such as pyrrexhia (AKA-Trench Fever), have perfect conditions to thrive and infect other individuals.

5. Lastly, the men are closely compacted together in the trenches so us lice and diseases can spread easily between soldiers.

6. The body heat from the men after their clothing goes through the delousing machine hatches the eggs that remain in the clothing.       

    As you can see by this advertisement, us lice and diseases would be fools for not jumping on this opportunity of a lifetime to live successful lives in these trenches. With these perfect conditions we can take control of this area and start a new home for us. We better act fast before these soldiers leave the trenches.        

The trenches the soldiers are fighting in (France).

The British soldiers fighting in the trenches in France stand no chance against us if we take action on them now. Lets act quickly and head to the trenches!

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