My strengths may include:

  • Thoroughly researching information and collecting relevant facts.
  • Making thoughtful decisions based on practical considerations.
  • Conducting organized, well-planned out research.
  • Impressing people that you are a hard-working, ethical, conscientious, person.
  • Being a good listener and not dominating the conversation.

My blindspots may include:

  • Being too humble, and not presenting your accomplishments in the best light.
  • Appearing to be less enthusiastic than you may really be.
  • Not being open to explore possibilities that don't fit your current plan.
  • Not anticipating how present decisions may affect you in the future.
  • Lacking objectivity when making important decisions.

For a career to be satisfying for Me, it should:

  • Allow you to use your talent for being accurate and remembering facts and details.
  • Let you work on tangible projects that help other people in some way.
  • Let you work behind the scenes, and not require lots of public interaction.
  • Is done in a stable, calm, and predictable environment.
  • Make good use of your conscientiousness and sound common sense.
  • Have clearly stated expectations and goals.
  • Let you focus your energy on one project at a time.
  • Give you plenty of time and space to do your work uninterrupted.

Your Preferred Learning Style:

  • Allow you plenty of time to reflect and prepare thoroughly.
  • Give you the option of working alone or with small groups.
  • Provide a predictable structure, clear expectations, and explicit instructions.
  • Cite real examples and stress the practical application of learning.
  • Provide a friendly, supportive, tension-free learning environment.
  • Reward you for accuracy, thoroughness, and conscientiousness.

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