Life is a Roller - Coaster

Poet: Hannah Fox

Life is a Roller Coaster

You get jerked one way, or another.

There are lots of bumps,

with speeds & lows,

with dreams & woes.

Everyone is different,

with screams & blows.

There are a lot of up’s & downs,

with highs & lows.

Some people will wait in line to get on.

There will sometimes be boards and nails broken.

As you experience the down, you always know there will be an up coming soon.

You never know whats around the corner,

so with your arms held high,

just sit back, and enjoy the ride,

just remember in the end you will never forget what happened.

A few friends are going to Carowinds sometime this year and we would love for you to come!!!! Please RSVP if you plan on attending this trip so that we can reserve you a spot!!!! Thanks and hope to see you there!!!!!!

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Brianna_Hendrix04 (+1) 3 years ago

Can't wait Hannah!!!!!!!!

jaylan (+5) 3 years ago

can't wait

If you plan on going on the trip sometime this year with us, which we hope you do, I have tickets that I will selling or you can also buy them at the gate!!!!!  Thanks and remember please RSVP!!!!!

After-Burn at Carowinds

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3 years ago

Just so everyone knows I made up the whole thing about going to Carowinds!!!!!

3 years ago

This is the best poem ive ever read, JK( your friend Jaylan)