"A Raisin in the sun"

Review Scene 5:

1) What does the dialogue in this scene tell us Mama wants to do? Think in broad terms.

~We think mama wants to help everybody.

2) When Mama gives the envelope to Walter, what does this tell the audience?

~It tell the audience that mama want Walter to get his dreams.

Review these lines from Scene 8:

MRS. JOHNSON: Some folks might say don't go where you're not wanted. But I think it's wonderful that you are all so...brave.

1) Why does Mrs. Johnson pause before the word "brave"?

~She pause before the word brave because she's jealous and happy that  they're going to move.

Review Scene 11:

1) What is the most important idea in this scene? Think in broad terms.

~Scene 11 because Walter is showing Travis how to be a good guy or love his family more than money.

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2 years ago

Scene 5: Mama wants to help the whole family. When she give the envelope to Walter it tells the audience she trusts him.

Scene 8: Mrs. Johnson is being sarcastic. She doesn't mean it.

Scene 11: The most important idea in this scene is that Walter shows pride in his family.