Guide To Confinement Nanny Services In Singapore

A confinement nanny is the one who takes care of the mother and her child before she is ready to take on the responsibility herself. It is very helpful for first time mothers because they need guidance in breast feeding, adequate information on food habits and the proper rest to gain back the health.

In Singapore, various confinement services are available providing trustworthy nannies for tasks that require a helping hand right after delivery. Expecting mothers start looking for nannies as early as their third month. To find the perfect nanny for a family, agencies conduct an interview which gives the nannies an idea of what she is expected and also the family to understand till what extent is their child in safe hands.

Confinement lady agency have been in demand in Singapore for over 25 years now. Experiences with babies that carry high expertise, these nannies are almost like second mothers to the babies they take care of.

There are a lot of agencies providing confinement nannies and other services like baby massage, maternal nutrition and pre and post confinement for the mother and baby. Super Nanny services is one such confinement nanny service. Registered with the Ministry of Manpower, it can be trusted with your payments and your child. They also provide replacements if the first one did not work out well for you. Their nannies speak three languages and they have a Japanese translator who helps in communication with the Japanese families looking to hire an efficient help. All their nannies are more than 50 years old with more than five years experience. Thompson parent craft also provides nannies specially trained from the Thompson Medical centre and they are available in varied packages like stay-in nannies, non-stay nannies, day time confinement nannies, day and night confinement.

There are a few “one-man” nannies too, like Nanny Saro who after working for years in the ICU went solo in 2010. She now has a website and has been recommended for her good care like any other confinement nanny. Gladys Yip is another solo nanny who is a lactation expert and recommends incredible exercises to get the mother in shape. She provides both pre and post natal services and comes highly recommended. Aunty Lian speaks five languages and has experience of over ten years.

A confinement nanny in Singapore charges on an average of $2800 per 28 days and $2500 for day time services. They are highly in demand not because they come feasible but because in their hands, the blossoms in the house turn into flowers and it doesn’t even have to be as tedious as everyone expects it to be.