Kyndalls Book Report

I did my book report on The Higher Power of Lucy by Susan Patron. The book is realistic fiction. The story is man vs self, beacause he is not making the right choices for his body so he has to suffer the consequences.






Luck is one of the main  characters. Lucky is brave, kind, loyal, and helpful.

Main Settings

The parking lot

There house

The garden

The settings all have important memories linked on to them.

I woud recomend this book to 5th grade-7th grade because its more of a really mature and serious book.


This book is about a girl who has lost her dad to alcahale and her mom to a sicness. Lucky lives with her brother and gardian as a replacement for her mother. Lucky has always wondered why her name was Lucky if she wasn't so lucky after all. Tward the end of the book Lucky realizes even though she's been in alot of pain she is Lucky weather she has parents or not.

In the book The Higher Power of Lucky I noticed the writing was almost in a journal form and the illustrations where hand written. The book reminded me of orfns because they have no parents. With the book I could make a connection beacase I recently lost someone I loved.

Any Questions