Analog Game

Fun is what amusing to the person.  To me fun is working with a group of friends working to a great scheme of things.  I like being able see a plan come into fruition to become something greater then what i expected.

Target audience: Teenagers - Young adults

Teenagers and young adults would enjoy this game because of the strategic planning that goes into the game.  To be able to analyze every part of the game and out smart your opponents is what they would enjoy. Though the game is not to slow and fast pace that could change the game with a certain move. Though it requires a bit of luck to be able to win.

The game attempts to capture the immersion of players into a battlefield where they are the commanders of their own hero.  Requiring players to work together as a team for a common goal of winning the game.  For some players  to be the leader and have a solid strategic player and one player that goes out in the field to do the dirty work.

I learned that you need to sit back and watch other people play the game to really understand what is missing and what could go wrong.  In my case, I thought people would pick heroes in a fair order to where it would not end up all support against all attack. The game went more smoothly then i thought. Though i wish everyone would read the rules and not be surprised when someone makes the claim that they violated the rules.  I would improve the game by balancing out the teams when they initially start to pick heroes. Also create heroes that are some threat to enemies instead of being just support.

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