Turner's Syndrome

By: Hunter Rosson

People can find information about Turner's Syndrome on this website. You can get to this site by the url.

Henry Turner studied and described the symptoms of Turner's Syndrome around 1930. Also, some European physicists were studying the syndrome as well which is why it may be referred to Bonnevie-Ullrich-Turner Syndrome to honor both the European scientists and Henry Turner. Turner's Syndrome affects about 1 in 2500 women and only women. This syndrome is a chromosomal mutation that is a monosomy. A monosomy is where a portion of the chromosome is deleted altogether. In Turner's Syndrome a female is missing one of her X chromosomes.

Some symptoms are being shorter than average, infertile, extra skin on the neck area, heart defects, and kidney problems.

From the YouTube video named TSSUS Faces of Turner's Syndrome it has a group of women who describe life with Turner's as " I have low bone density...I have moles...I will build my family through adoption...It is different from everyone else but the same with everyone else."

With intervention and proper medical care females will usually live to the full life expectancy of other women.

The quality of life is quite high. Women with this disorder usually have normal intelligence and good verbal and reading skills. Some may find math, fine finger movements and memory skills a bit tougher but totally cope able.

There are treatments to help women with Turner's Syndrome such as estrogen therapy which replaces the lack of estrogen the subject have. Or there are growth hormones the children can take that increase their height. There are no cures for Turner's Syndrome because it is a chromosomal disorder.

There are other organizations that support Turner's Syndrome. The biggest and most well known on would be Turner's Syndrome Society of the United States. This organization is a national non-profit group that provides health related sources to patients and their families.

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