Sudhir Bajaj - Investors Advantage

Sudhir Bajaj says that every professional he knows, has been shaped by his past positions and experiences, and that these past employments are what help mold them into the people they are today. During his time with the company Planetsoft, Sudhir would be responsible for numerous transactions and mergers that required little to no supervision from upper management. Sudhir is a financial expert who has an abundance of experience in the investment world, something he has accumulated over the course of his impressive career. Sudhir has spent many years in the area of investment, working for Planetsoft. Over the course of his time there he has become a trusted and respected adviser, one whom the company was proud to have with them. Sudhir helps aid businesses both large and small through investment and merger deals, but he isn't just some soulless calculator, but a person with a moral fiber, one of the main reasons Planetsoft wanted him to become the CEO of their company. Planetsoft provides technological services to life insurance companies to help them better compete in the global economy by supporting initiatives to help them acquire knowledge and technology.

Sudhir Bajaj time with Planetsoft as an investment consultant and CEO has truly solidified his understanding of finances both professionally and personally. Planetsoft is a company that feels responsible for the well being of the economy. Sudhir's contributions help keep Planetsoft known as one of the top companies in the industry. Mr. As the official Planetsoft website says itself, “ Planetsoft utilizes it process management framework, Planet Interact, to deliver customized straight-through-processing solutions for the new business origination, underwriting, and administration of insurance and financial services products.”