Explorer Proposal

Kyra Murphy: Why I Should Go to the New World

Personal Ideas

In my time spent in the West, I plan to find many resources to help the country of England, including gold.  I specifically will be searching my hardest to find these rare and resourceful riches.  These will benefit the country of Europe in many ways, but those ways are up to the king.


Not only will I find you precious metals, such as gold and silver, but furs to bring back to you and the people in England.  Apart from these valuable riches, we will also search for land and spread Christianity.


Compared to this, we will need a much larger crew, consisting of eight hundred brave, courageous men.  This amount of men is very large, because we will need backup in case we face any obstacles. We will set sail in the spring of 1497.  If we encounter any natives, I will work with them the best I can, but if they do not cooperate or meet my demands I will force them verbally or physically.  Also, when we claim the land, we will have to keep an eye out for France and Spain because they will be exploring too, and they will be hunting down precious resources too.

Obstacles and Solutions

I will expect starvation, disease, and not possessing necessary supplies needed for the expedition.  I will overcome these by bringing all types of medicines, an abundance of food/water, and will bring all the capital and natural resources that have made useful from previous expeditions led by other explorers, and more. Meaning, I will bring supplies from maps to navigational tools, and trunk after trunk of survival equipment.

I Need Your Help!

I will need King Henry VII's help to fund this expedition.  Seeing as I am English, it seems only right to give my profits, resources, and information to my king.  I plan to sail to the northwestern part of the New World based on my exploration references.  The Spanish and the French will, without a doubt, be sailing to the New World, too.


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