If the east isn't right, go west

By: Sydney Lowden

December 9,2014

Top Ten Events

            #10 - XYZ affair and alien sedition acts- Americans were sent to talk to french officials and 3 french soldiers turned the americans away unless they offered to pay money. The american's took offense to this and created a lay saying; and foreigner that is seen as suspicious can be put in prison.

          #9 - Thomas Jefferson was elected and the president before him filled a lot of the government positions with his government party. James Madison went out and tried to stop the letters but someone brought the argument to court.

        #8- Eli Whiteny created the cotton gin and started the industrial revolution. When he created the cotton gin was created, the supply of cotton became extremely great. Because of the success, more people started to try and invent things.

      #7 - The land known as the Louisiana Purchase was bought and was being explored. When Lewis and Clark started to go west they accepted the indians help instead of thinking of them as a threat.

      #6 - Andrew Jackson ordered the indian removal act. Andrew Jackson and a others saw the indians as uncivilized and wanted them to leave their homes. Another reason the americans wanted them game was they wanted the land to profit off of.

     #5 - Trails to the west were created to make it easier to travel. The Oregon trail was most commonly traveled by gold miners. The santa-fe trail was mostly traveled by people who wanted to go to the Texas area. The Norman trail was traveled by Normans who did not want to be persecuted for their beliefs. All trails were traveled by people who simply wanted a new start.

     #4 -  The California gold rush is a pretty big part of our history. The gold rush was the main way people populated the west. Even today people mine for gold and gain profit. It was very dangerous back then and still is today.

    #3 - The war of 1812 was one of the first wars america was in since they declared independence. France brought America into the war by attacking american ships. The War eventually ended in a stalemate, so nothing was lost of gained.

   #2 - The Mexican-american started mainly, with the Alamo. In the Alamo, Mexican troops surrounded the building and eventually killed all the soldiers. This was one of the main reasons americans wanted to fight, the wanted revenge for all the lives that were lost. America won and took pride in their accomplishment.

 #1 - George Washington was elected to be the first president of the united states. He served 2 terms and sent a precedent for future presidents, even though many wanted him to be president for life. When George Washington retired he left a "Farewell Address" with 3 things america should never do.

George Washington is known as one of the most important people in american U.S history. He is most commonly thought of as the first president of the united states. Being the first president is a stupendous accomplishment and honor. He also worked very hard to achieve being president. George Washington also had to think about the future because he was setting a precedent for future presidents.

George Washington started out as an ordinary war general that led strong and proudly. He worked hard even after he was chosen by the house of representatives. George Washington was a well liked president people even say "He never told a lie". George Washington even rode into battle with his fellow americans.

Some people wanted George Washington to serve as "President for life". He passed on this opportunity because he believed that it would go against what he believed. By George Washington retiring after 2 terms many presidents followed his example. He still loved his country, he left a "farewell address" warning his fellow americans what to do and what is bad. Even though we did not listen to him we could've been more successful as a country if we did listen to him.


1794 - The whiskey rebellion started to grow bigger and George Washington took concern in this and went with troops to deal with the rebellions.

1795 - George Washington turned down the choice to rule as president for life and wrote his farewell address, to all his fellow americans.

1812 - The name "War Hawks" were given to americans who wanted to put more money into the military and go to war with England.

1812 - The battle of McHenry took place and americans tried to stay awake and watch the battle. Most americans fell asleep but, we use a few lines written by an american in the national anthem.

1813 - The era of good feelings started because the war ended in a stalemate. Even though america did not gain anything, they didn't loose anything either. Everyone was so happy because at the time, England was the superhero country.

1820 - The "Missouri compromise" was created because Missouri wanted to be added as a slave state, but the amount of representatives were even. In order to keep the states even they added Maine as a free state.

1828 - During the election of Andrew Jackson, mudslinging started. The two candidates started to say bad, untrue things about each other in order to make themselves look better.

1836 - The Americans who moved down into Mexico, didn't want to be a part of Mexico anymore so the decided to declare themselves no longer a part of Mexico. This stirred up controversy because they called themselves "The Republic Of Texas".  

1840 - The Tippacanoe Curse some believed was real and some believed it was a way to scare us. But the curse took over and killed William Henry Harrison, leading more americans to believe in the Tippacanoe Curse.

1848 - After the Mexican- American war was over, we settled on a treaty. Even after the treaty a sliver of land was bought and was called the Gadsden Purchase.

New Land! New Life!

     The Louisiana Purchase was a great purchase with lots of new opportunities. Lewis and Clark arrived back and there is now talk about a new waterways. This new land can serve as great profit. Gold has been found also and people are already starting to mine for gold.

     This new land can even simply give you a new start if that is all you are looking for. Even though the talk about this new place is so great, there are also dangers or problems you may encounter. The distance is very great and there is chance of disease, starvation, and thirst. People have different opinions on this topic, but most seem to believe packing up everything and moving west is the best idea.

       Many men have come back with profit after they leave for the west to mine for gold. The demand of gold is currently very high, which makes moving to the west a good decision. The land is cheap, you can get a new start, and you can receive great profit, what could be better than moving west? The money is literally in the dirt, all you have to do is dig.

3 Guidelines in the farewell address

1 united nation

2 conditions in the monroe doctrine

3 killed when a British ship attacked the U.S Chesapeake

2 wars

6 months until the news of the stalemate reached america

3 main trails to the west

1 st ever president to be elected

0 land was lost in the war of 1812

20 years passed and tecumseh's curse proved true

     Today America is faced with sadness as our beloved Andrew Jackson died on June 8, 1845. Andrew Jackson represented the "American Dream". Many of us believed in what he believed and we and disappointed he died without fulfilling his two terms. When I hear the name Andrew Jackson, I think about the man who represented the common american.

     Andrew Jackson started out his life on March 15, 1767 in a log cabin and had to work hard to get to where he was. He started out as a fearless war general and decided to share his ideals with the world. Andrew Jackson believed in equal rights for everyone and everyone should be able to have the same chances.

     Andrew Jackson's children and wife will need our support during their time of grievance. He fought hard for his country and for his family. Many Americans respect how he stuck to what he believed in. He would ride into battle and risk his life just to show his fellow countrymen, that he believes in the cause. Andrew Jackson will be missed. Log Cabin and warm sider, where Andrew Jackson started, and where you may have started also.

Early American Pear Pie

6 c. firm pears, pared & sliced

3/4 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. flour
1 1/3 tbsp. butter
Pastry for 9 inch 2 crust pieMix pears with sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon and flour.

Spoon mixture into pastry lined pie pan. Dot filling with butter. Cover with top crust.

Cut slits into crust. Bake at 425 degrees for 35 to 45 minutes until browned and bubbly.


      Maps change so much over years, I think it is almost kind of cool. When you look at a map you can see how different a country it. Maps can show you mountains, towns, streets and so many other things. This map shows all the trails people used when the started to head west.

      There are three main trails; the Oregon , Santa fe, and Mormon trail. The Oregon trail was mainly traveled by gold miners or by people who wanted a new start. The Santa fe trail was mostly traveled by people who wanted to make their new lives south west.The Mormon trail was walked by mormons who wanted to be able to practice their religion freely with out being prosecuted.

      These trails are one of the main reasons why the west is so populated today. Some people wouldn't want to pack everything up and leave home. Some people can never resist the chance of being able to start over and forget your past. This map shows haw many people wanted a second chance in the new world.

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