Zero conditional.

  1. If you freeze water, it turns into ice.
  2. If I work too much, I get tired.
  3. If she eats hamburgers, she gets an allergy.
  4. If they come here, they always bring a present.
  5. If she doesn't know the answer, she keeps silent.

First conditional

  1. If he is busy now, I will come back tomorrow.
  2. If I have time, I'll visit my parents this afternoon.
  3. If it is cold, you must wear warm clothes.
  4. If you work hard, you may become a millonaire someday.
  5. If you spend more than you earn, you'll become a poor man.

Second conditional

  1. If they won the lottery, they wouldn't work any more.
  2. If I saw her, I would ask her out.
  3. If you went to Brazil, you wouldn't want to come back.
  4. If they spoke Spanish, we would understand them.
  5. If he didn't live by the river, he couldn't go fishing.

Third conditional

  1. If they had invited us, we would have accepted at once.
  2. If she had explained me the problem, I would have understood it.
  3. If I hadn't forgotten his number, I would have phoned him.
  4. If it hadn't rained, we would have gone fishing.
  5. If they hadn't drunk so much last night, they wouldn't have felt sick today.

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