The moons inportance

Sydney hartless
8th hour

The moons role

The moon has phases, eclipses, and has an effect on tides. The moon has eight phases and it goes through each of these phases every month. The moon has two eclipses, solar and lunar and they are very different. The moon also effects tides on earth with its gravity. The moon effects many things and all of them are important.


The moon has eight phases. Phases occurs because of the shadow from the sun covers part of the moon causing it to look like there is a piece missing from the moon. The two most known moon phases are full and new, where the moon is completely blocked by the suns shadow or isn't blocked at all. The moons phases effect us by us having more light from the full moon or no light at night from the new moon.


Tides occur everyday here on earth. There are two main types of tides, heap and spring but there is also high and low. The tides are caused by the moons gravity pulling the water towards it. The tides effect us because the tides determine when the ships and boats can go out in the deep water. Tides are important because they can help us move through the water easier.

The moon has two different types of eclipses. It has solar and lunar eclipses. Lunar eclipse are where the sun is blocked but the moon. They effect us here because if they happen during the day they make the sky go dark and they are dangerous to look at. Lunar eclipses happen more often and are where the sun blocks the moon. Lunar eclipses effect us because they happen at night and cause the moon to turn reddish.

The moon is so important to life on earth. It effects so many things. Without the moon on earth we wouldn't have tides so the ocean wouldn't be as clean because it wouldn't be moving water except for nature moving it. Without the moon earth would also be darker at night without the light of the moon. The moon is an important part of our solar system, be thankful for the moon.

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