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7 mobile apps that can be used in a K-12 classroom!

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Animoto is an app that allows students to create there own videos. Students upload a series of videos and photos, then add text, music, and customize the theme! The finished video can then be embedded, or shared through various social media sites.

One use of Animoto in the classroom is to review field trips. Teachers can introduce this app before a field trip to get students interested. If students go into the trip knowing that they'll have to make a video reflection, they're much more likely to be attentive. After the trip students can create an Animoto video talking about the field trip and how it relates to their curriculum.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is a simple app that produces writing prompts. The prompts are definitely at a elementary level, so this activity is suited for younger students.

In the classroom, a teacher could use journal jar to get students comfortable with generating writing ideas. Students could use journal jar to come up with a prompt, then students can take turns sharing a story that they've generated from the prompt. This is a fun and easy way to teach students how to turn a prompt into a full written work.


Mobl21 is an app that allows students to access study materials anywhere, at any time. Teachers can post micro-lessons, study guides, flashcards, and quizzes. Students can access this app on their mobiles devices.

As a teacher, one could use this app to create quizzes. Teachers can post small weekly quizzes that students can complete on their own time to keep them on top of the learning material. If the quizzes are for participation marks, students will have incentive to know and understand the material each week.

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LearnCast is an app is similar to Mobl21 is that it allows teachers to post learning content online so that it is accessible anywhere and anytime. Teachers can build lessons, topics, quizzes, exams, and polls. Teachers can customize these pages, and expand on topics with additional pages. Courses can be sent to learners directly through SMS or email, or embedded on any website.

This app has many uses for students. The group chat feature allows students and teachers discuss ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback instantly online. Teachers can give participation marks to encourage students to participate in online discussions around that weeks curriculum!


Bunsella Bedtime Stories app allows students to create their own stories. Users use cute pre-made pictures or their own photos to make a story about whatever they choose! They can then put voiceovers on each slide to share information.

As a teacher, one could use this app for a fun alternative project. For example, for a book report, students could create a story to summarize the book, as well as to talk about the plat, main characters, etc.

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