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Switzerland is a very mountainous country. It has 208 mountains over 3,000 meters high and 24 mountains that are 4,000 meters high. The tallest mountain is Monte Rosa but the most famous mountain is Matterhorn. Some surrounding countries are Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, and France.

This is Matterhorn mountain. Isn't it lovely?
This is France's flag, which is one of my neighboring countries.

Culture and Population

The population of Switzerland in 2013 was 8.081 million. That is a lot of people considering that the total square miles of Switzerland is only 15,940. That is a pretty big population considering how small it is. The people who live in Switzerland are called Swiss people.

Currency and Trades

Switzerland form of money is Swiss franc. A Swiss franc is equivalent to 1.07 US dollars. That is pretty close to an American dollar. Their top export is gold and their top import is also gold. Their top export places is Germany and Germany is also Switzerland's top import origin.

Latitude and Longitude

The latitude and longitude of Switzerland is 46.8333° N and 8.3333° E.  


The Switzerland government has three different levels. Federal, Cantonal, and Communal. That is some what like our government. The current president is Didier Burkhalter. The first president was Jonas Furrer.

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