Path/Friendship (Week of April 6th)

1 How id you make the theme your own?

My friend and I were walking her dogs so I took a picture of them from up front.

2. What do you like about your photo?

The dogs seem to have a "follow the leader" way of walking. I also like the hard, dramatic shading change in the after picture

3. What would you change?

It looks almost too dark in the front.

4. What actions did you run and what didy ou do with the actions?

I added a black layer and put the layer on "overlay" to bring out the shadows more, then I added a layer to lighten the background with some yellow and lowered the opacity, making that layer "add". I also had a layer that made the whole thing more green, but on a low, low opacity. It did a lot when I added the black layer.

5. What photo from last week did you think is the best and WHY?

Sci fi picture/unrealistic one of my dragon. I loved the way it looked so real even though it was a toy.