T.J aka the man of people

i was born at shadwell 1743, in albermarle county Virginia, there is where i inherited a large estate from my father. at age 26 i began building my elegant lifetime home,Monticello, which i design on my own. i spent most of my life away from home , in Philadelphia;Washington,D.C ; and Europe. yet i always longed to return to my peaceful home.

1743-{still alive} ...... i was born in Shadwell moved to south pavilion at monticello.

wanna know more about me ?

i was born April,13,1743. I am the author of the Decleration of independence and the statue of Virginia for religious freedom. I was the 3rd out of 44 presidents of the united states. i served my country for over 5 decades. My father Peter Jefferson was a secessful planter and suveryor. My mother Jane Randolph a memeber of one virginia's most distinguished families.                                                                                                                                 I attended the collage of William and Mary. I practiced law and served in the local Goverment as a magistrate. I was chosen in 1776 to draft as the Deraclaration of independence. I am also cuffed by Martha Wayles 1.1.72.

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3 years ago

facts: i was the third out of ten siblings born.
i had an affair with my wife sister
i won president against aaron burr
i was the 3rd president
i was born near the western edge of Great Britain's American Empire.
opinion: i thought