Arabian Peninsula  

By: Cierra Logan

In the Arabian Peninsula there are many areas of vast desert landscape, but the caravans are saved from dehydration by the sporadically placed oases. Although there are oases it can take many days to travel between them.

Many nomads or traders from faraway places travel in a caravan like the one featured below. Traders often use camels to get across the desert because their long eyelashes keep sand out of their eyes, they store fat in their hump, they have broad flat feet with pads on the bottom to prevent them from sinking in the sand, and they have the ability to travel for days without water. This is why many nomads and traders use camels caravans to get through the desert.

The mountains of the Arabian Peninsula have many good things about them such as: terrace farming, farming melons pomegranates trees frankincense and myrrh, and dams for irrigation from stored rainwater.

This map shows the location of the Arabian Peninsula.

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