Java Menu

Job WD 2

Our Manager asked us to revise the menu to include a short description of the café.

Tools Used

  • We used many different tools.
  • We typed an additional paragraph to the document.
  • By using the ruler we changed the margin to 1 1/2 inch.
  • Then we inserted a new paragraph titled menu.
  • Then formatted Menu using Quick styles using the styles button.
  • We also centered the title using the center button in the paragraph group.
  • By redefining the Quick style we changed the bottom border to the style that is a long dash line followed by a short dash line, and then changed the color to lavender, accent 3, darker 50%, and changed the width to one and a half points.
  • Then saved the document using the file tab.

Real Life Scenario

Say you're working at Starbucks, and your boss wants you to create an online menu to share with others. You want to do your best! What should you do? You should know what to put on the menu. Then you need to organize the menu in such a way so that it is easy to read. It would help to use the tools we used. For example; Word, the Save as button, the 9 user friendly tabs, and the formatting groups. With this you will surely succeed in creating your Starbucks Menu!

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