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By: Rachel Apshago

Earth in space

How does earth move in space?

Earth moves through space because revolution and rotation. In rotation the earth spins on its axis. Witch causes day and night. Revolution is the movement of one object around another, for instance when the earth makes 1 complete circle around the sun it creates a year. When the earth makes its revolution around the sun it follows a path called an orbit. The earths orbit is not quite circular it is a elongated circle.

What causes the cycle of seasons on earth?

The seasons are caused by the tilt of the earth axis as it revolves around the sun. During the june solstice it is summer in the northern hemisphere the earth is autcually farthest from the sun, which means it is winter in the southern hemisphere. When its the september equinox neither end of the earths axis is tilted toward the sun, they both receive the same amount of energy. When the december solstice is occurring the south end of the earths axis is tilted toward the sun. It is summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern. For the march equinox both hemispheres receive the same amount of energy.

Gravity and motion

What determines the strength of the force of gravity between two objects?

The strength of the force of gravity between two objects depends on two factors: the masses of the objects and the distance between them. Mass is the amount of matter in an object gravity increases with the force of gravity. If the force of gravity rapidly decreases as distance increases, when falling out of an airplane, you are falling faster than you would if it was a shorter drop.

What two factors combine to keep the moon and earth in orbit?

Two factors- inertia and gravity combine to keep the earth in orbit around the sun and moon. When the orbit is in motion gravity is pulling the moon towards it the help it from not going in a straight line. At the same time it keeps moving forward because of inertia. Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion.

Phases, eclipse, and tides

What causes the phases of the moon

The phases are all different it depends on how much of the sunlit side of the moon faces earth. The moon rotates on its axis and revolves around earth in the same amount of time. Witch causes the near side of the moon to always face earth. It takes the moon 29.5 days to go through the whole moon phase. This is because as earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth. The moon phases in order go; New moon, Waxing crescent, First quarter, waxing gibbous, Full moon, Waning gibbous, Third quarter, and Waning crescent.

What are solar and lunar eclipse?

Solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between the earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from earth. During a short period of the total solar eclipse, the sky grows as dark as night even in the middle of a clear day. You can see the stars and a faint outer atmosphere of the sun. During a lunar eclipse earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon. The moon is then in earths shadow and looks very dim from earth. The lunar eclipse occurs only when there is a full moon, because the moon is closest to earths shadow at that time.

What causes the tides?

Tides are caused mainly by differences in how much the moons gravity pulls on different parts of earth. Tides are the rise and fall of ocean water that occurs every 12.5 hours or so. The water rises for about 6 hours, then falls for about 6 hours, in a regular cycle. The force of gravity pulls the earth and moon together, including the water on earths surface. There are two kinds of tides, spring tides and neap tides. During spring tides the gravity of the sun and moon pull in the same direction, with there combined forces produce a tide with the greatest difference between consecutive flow an high tides. During neap tides the suns pull is at a ninety degrees to the moons pull, which produces a neap tide.

Earth's moon

What features are found on the moons surface?

Features on the moons surface include maria, craters, and highlands. Maria are the latin word for "seas". This is formed from when huge lava flows that occurred about 3-4 billion years ago. craters are large pits on the moons surface, that are formed from the impact of meteoroids. Some craters are about hundreds of kilometers long! Highlands are light colored features or mountains on the moon. These highlands cover much of the earths surface.   

What are some charateristics of the moon?

The moon is dry and airless compared to the earth. The moon is small and has a variety of surface temperature. If you were going to go to the moon, you would need a spacesuit to provide oxygen to breath and it would prevent sunburn.The moon has no liquid water, but there might be patches of ice,near the poles of the moon. the temperature of the moon ranges from 130 degrees celsius to -180 degrees celsius. The temperature varies because the moon has no atmosphere. The diameter of the moon 3476 kilometers. That is a little less than the distance across the united states.

How did the moon form?

Scientists came up with the idea that a planet sized object collided with the earth to form the moon. when the collision happened the outer layer of the earth was ejected into the orbit around earth, where it formed a ring. Later gravity caused it to combine and create the moon. This theory is called collision-ring theory.

This is where the moon data was taken

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