Learning with a twist

Be prepared to make art come to life.

We will begin the week by exploring art and artists.

What is art?  This question has been asked by many.  Do you have an answer?

Lets create our own art

Line Drawing Activity

Paul Klee told a story through lines

  • What do you see?
  • Klee described his work as "taking a line for a walk"

Your turn

  • Take a line for a walk and draw a picture
  • Draw a picture without lifting your pen from the paper.
  • Try drawing a face.
  • You can go over the same line and draw as many times as you would like.

Explore the artists

During the week our campers will explore the art of Klimt (expressionism), Picasso (cubism), Monet (Impressionism), Eric Carle (collage), and Seurat (pointillism). After some practice our budding artists create their own art.

What do you notice about each image?

What from each image could you use in your own art?

Click here for research about the artists

After creating their art, campers will plan and film a stop motion animated film using their art.

Extra Art Activities

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