Welcome to Arlington National Cemetery.  During the Civil War, Mr. and Mrs. Arlington used their home to help soldiers who were injured and had nowhere to go for help.  Cemeteries in the area were all full, so Mr. and Mrs. Arlington allowed soldiers to be buried on their land.  The first person to be buried there was an Arlington Grandmother.  Over the years, more and more people who served in the military were buried there.  Today, Arlington conducts between 27 and 30 funerals each week day and between 6-8 on Saturdays.  It provides this service for free to the families of the soldiers.  Did you know that now more than 290,000 people are buried here? Each tombstone in the cemetery looks exactly the same.  There are over 624 acres of the cemetery and this land serves as a tribute to the service and sacrifice of each individual who is laid to rest here.   

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