"Go Green"

Hybrid cars are automobiles powered my electricity. This is a help to the environment because hybrid cars don't polute like gas cars the reason being they don't deposit carbon dioxide into the air. Also this technology helps us by not using as many un-reneawble resource like oil and other natural recourses we use to make gasoline for cars. This car help the environment and in fashion ferrari and porsche are "going green" too. Ferrari announced there re-envented Enzo with two electric motors. Porsche also have made the move and has announced a 911 Carrera, also with two electric motors; of course the gas powered engine is more powerful and fast but within a couple years technology will advance and hybrid cars will became faster. Tesla motors is a company who makes hybrid cars and some of them are nicer than you think. Tesla Motors is also working with Zero motorcycles to create the first hybrid motorcycle. This car helps the environment a lot and is a great investment and a great car. Everyone should think of buying a "green" car. To help the world become cleaner.