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               Have you ever imagines the worlds with the good or the world without evil? It wouldn't have made sense because we need to balance between the great and evil.

      A perfect example would be the Yin Yang? If the world was full good The world would be boring and the excitement of entertainment and that the world was full of fun we would have wished there was peace between us and the society. Another perfect example would be how would the world be like into chaos.

    Another great example will be the one of the world's darkest times of the  holocaust which started in 1933. A brief history of when the Nazis came to poorer in  Germany where the Jews lived in the countries. The Nazis Germany would occupy  or influence of World War II. Including the Nazi's policy was to murder  the Jew of Europe.

           That is the results of why the world needs good and why the world needs bad to keep everything in balance. There is no right for the world to be taking over, there would not be a point of saving bad with the good and good without the bad.

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