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                                                      BY .RYDIR

                                     DITL, PROJECT JANUARY 28 2015

  Yesterday when we did not have school i had slept to like 10:00 am . That's when i had got up and got in the shower. Then i had got on OOvOO with Alexus and she told me that she was about to get in the shower. Then i had called Danaejah and she told me that she was about to go with Alijah to the mall. When she told me that i had got dress and met them down on ceil-b moore inside if wendy's.

When i had met them at wendys they told me to call Osei and that's when i did. He told me to get on the 3 bus and go to city hall. Then i had called him when i got there. Then we went to 69th street and we had met up with Alexus. And then we all got back on the train and went to Board and Onley and got on the 55 bus.

When we had got on the 55 bus it took us like a hour to get to willow grove. When we went to willow grove we had went inside of H&M. Then we just started to walk around inside the mall. And then we went and this store and it sell like all these rings. WE had went inside that store because of Osei he wanted to buy another ring.

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