African Culture vs American Culture

Tyreeka Sessoms

Three Differences Between American's Table Etiquette and South African's Table Etiquette

African Table Etiquette

  • Never use your left hand to eat unless the meal requires two hands to eat.
  • If you use a knife and you need a fork/spoon as well the knife go in the left hand and the fork/spoon goes in the right hand.
  • Keep your left hand off of any bowl or plate while eating.
  • Only eat off of the bowl/plate in front of you.

During my research I did find that African culture table etiquette did have some similarities and differences versus our American culture table etiquette. The differences are listed above. The similarities are: it is proper to wash your hands before and after the meal, do not smoke in the same area where the food is being served, and it is polite to stay and hold a small conversation with your guest after the meal is over.   

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