Who is Stephanie Holmes

Stephanie Holmes is  the youngest of three. She has an older brother and sister. Stephanie is a lot like her brother and sister in many ways. She is into sports like her older brother. Stephanie's favorite color turquoise. Her favorite animal is horses. She owns two horses and a pony. Stephanie actually loves all animals. When she grows up she want to be an equine vet. She enjoys horses and everything about them. She started riding and doing rodeos when she was two.

I love to play softball ive been playing for 5 or 6 years.My positions are pitcher and first I am a utility player wich means I can play every base.

Another favorite sport of hers is basketball she's been playing since I was a little kid, she  still play and is going to be on a select basketball team.

She is a very busy girl. Her favorite apps are Facebook and instagram you should get them.

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