Pixels Worth A Thousand Words

Digital Storytelling on the iPad


What is it?

narrative + digital content (images, sound, video)

What can we DO with these stories?

Communicate values, beliefs, experiences, and express ourselves.

Consider the conversations we can have about the stories we consume.

The way that there is interaction, response, and promotion of stories in ways that previously did not exist.

What stories do we LOVE now in modern culture?

a way to consider process

What do you hope to achieve from this class?
What types of stories do you want to tell?

How are stories told now?

What tools do we employ now for authenticity?

What tools are timeless?

Every where we turn, a story is being told. Whether through social media, film, or just something overheard in the halls, stories are the very fabric of our lives.

Consider the modern commercial. Products are less in focus in many commercials today. The story and our connection to it becomes the vehicle through which a product is relayed in an advertisement.

What about that commercial "works" in terms of Digital Storytelling?

Is there anything that doesn't "work" for you?

What is the story here?


While some say that technology is driving us further apart and isolating us in the green glow of our phones, I would say that we have one of the most unique opportunities for WORLD WIDE collaboration and sharing. We are not limited by proximity, age, time, or status. Our stories can reach around the globe with a simple click of "Publish".


As a result of this ability to reach so many, ownership of stories has also changed in the digital age. Collaboration allows for multiple voices and authors, while remixes allow for creative reinterpretations. Modern storytellers now know there is more to their story than the narrative. The conversation that a story engenders is now a tale of its own.

What makes for a good story?

Consider the stories that have stayed with you.

What emotions come up? What characters are present?

Consider Archetypes

7 Elements of Digital Storytelling