Apple Apps In The Classroom


Raz kids is an interactive reading app that has a wide variety of books in all different subjects. The books are levelled so children are able to read books based on their reading level. Students are able to access the ebooks and are able to take a short e-quiz at the end of the reading and complete different worksheets. This app is a great way for teachers to track their students reading comprehension skills and also assist students if needed. This app is also free!


This app helps students create their own stories using personal pictures that they have taken themselves! This app is a great tool and an alternative to writing and reading out a short story for class. With this app, students are able to personalize their stories with pictures and are able to record audio for each page. This is also great for students who may be a little quite in class to have their stories and ideas shared amongst their classmates.


This app is a great way to learn the basic elementary math concepts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). It also has a fun factor to it! Students are not only learning math but also playing bingo. Students are able to track their learning by creating their own user profiles. Students could also play against each other (up to 5 players on 1 device)sparking a little bit of friendly competition. This could be an alternative to having the traditional math worksheets, this is a great interactive alternative. This app is also free!


This app provides information about the plants from different online resources. This is  great way for students to get all of their information from one source. This could be convenient for students if they had some sort of a writing assignment due on this topic in class. Instead of showing students pictures or having them draw out pictures of the planets, students are able to have a 3D view of all of the planets and the solar system. Since this app is 3d, it provides an interactive way for students to learn about the solar system. This app is also free!


It is time to ditch those phonics worksheets! This app is a great way for students to learn phonics! It provides students with different ways to learn and test their phonemic abilities. Students can receive a reward for completing their assignments. This app is also great for ELA students when they are beginning to learn the english language. They are able to access this app not only at school but at home as well which could potentially help them get a grasp of the language quicker. As of right now, the full version of this app is free!

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