My Rockin' Summer

Natalie's Trip to Universal Studios, Orlando


My summer was exciting and spectacular, Universal Studios was a lifetime adventure, where I could see my favorite book and movie come to life. They designed the whole studio almost like the real thing.  During the summer, going to Universal got me into Harry Potter and I read all seven books in a week. Not only was there Harry Potter, but there were other things that were owned by Universal Studios, that you could be apart of. Besides Harry Potter, there were Transformers, Dr. Seuss, Twister, E.T., and etc., but at Universal Studios, what you see will come life right before you eyes.

My Favorite...

My favorite daily activity, was to wake up every morning and knowing we would do something different each time. The place that I loved the most was Universal Studios. Victoria was my favorite person to see because at Universal we would ride rides together and have so much fun. Although I did not have a favorite movie/TV show because we were so busy having fun we didn't have time to watch TV. My favorite moment overall was when I got to experience the magic of going on Universal's Harry Potter ride. It felt like you where really on that scene and you would feel like you're flying. Over the summer, my favorite song was " It's a Small World After All " because Universal Studios was so big I could never finish the whole park in one day.