catholic church

RELIGION: In Cumbia, they don't force the people to believe in a specific religion, but most of the people said that they are catholic or Christians. Why people believe in that? Because they read the bible and when they finished the bible then they have to decide if they believe or not, other people prefer not to read and decide to let friend or family members to inform them about religion.

LANGUAGE: In Cumbia they speak and write Spanish, also some of the people speak English. There are also schools to learn other languages. When people from another country visit Cumbia the tourist need to talk in English because then the people from Cumbia won't understand what they are saying and we won't help the tourist. So in Cumbia they need to learn English to help others.

MOVIES,SPORTS,MUSIC: In Cumbia the music is so important, here all the people listen to all types of music metal, pop, bachatas, etc. But when they have holidays they listen to cumbias, a mexican sound. The sport here, is soccer, football, and basketball. there are to both, man and woman, all the people like to see the games. Here in Cumbia they don't make many movies like in the U.S. In Cumbia they make novels, novels are like a serie, it also has a story, they are months in the TV. And the people like it.  

FOOD: The most popular food in Cumbia is Mexican food, all the people like to eat tacos, flautas, enchiladas,etc. They have all types of food like Chinese food, Italian food, in different restaurants. One of the most popular restaurant in Cumbia is the Mexican Buffet, it is a buffet of all types of Mexican food, also there is a restaurant called Gringo's that they sell food from the United States.

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