Matthew Shirley GT 2014-2015

Mock Trial October 17, 2014

Prosecution- In a Criminal court it is the state bringing you to court and civil is the victim.

Defense- defending your client from guilty

Direct Examination- your attorney questions you

Cross-Example - the other attorney questions you

Opening Statement- When you open you argument with a sentence that explains why the client is here.

Closing Statement- When you close your argument with a sentence explaining why your client is not guilty.

Criminal Court- When the court decides whether or not the criminal is guilty.

Civil Court- when you do something like offer money then you do not pay them

Guilty/Not-Guilty- to decide if a person should be punished

Liable- when you decide if someone is guilty and has to give or do something back

It was fun doing this Mock Trial because it will prepare us for the future if anything like this happened to us.

Activity 1

We watched as a model city was polluted and then had a rain storm. There was pollution as sequins, sprinkles, food coloring, and soap. When Mrs. Stevens sprayed water on the city the pollution made a stream and went into the river. She then explained to us how we would do activity 2. She showed us a video about the different technology that keeps city's pollution free.

Activity 2

We built a tower with a green roof. A green roof is a roof which soaks up storm water and doesn't create runoff. We used index cards, tape, and aluminum foil. On the green roof you could use gravel, moss, or sand. Our group did not create a successful tower. As we watched the other towers we figured out how we could have improved our toe

Activity 3

In this activity we built a pourous pavement. A pourous pavement is a sidewalk or road in which it can be walked or drove on but, can still absorb rainfall to prevent runoff. In our tests we had a small amount of success and it got better the more tests we did.

Activity 4

In this activity we made a model city. We had to make machines and walls to stop the pollution from going into the river. After we thought we were done Mrs. Stevens told us some stuff that we could improve and we improved. When we tested, a little bit of oil and chemicals got into the river but nothing to serious.

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