I am a 15 year old girl who likes to be happy. I do things that make me happy and try to stay away from things that don't.  I also really enjoy making other people happy. my favorite color is yellow, simply because it is the color of happiness. I really enjoy being with my friends. I love to tumble and I think I am quite good at it, although I don't take classes. I haven't taken a tumbling class since 4 years ago, but I try to teach myself. I also have a passion for photography. I absolutely love taking pictures of everything.  People tell me I'm really good, especially when I photograph nature. I've also been told that I'm good at drawing, even though I really don't agree. I HATE fruit! I know it's weird, but i just can't take the texture of it. One more thing, I am obsessed with converse, I love them.

Things About Me

Loving Photography

I have a passion for photography. I love taking pictures of just about anything. Like I said, people seem to think I'm especially good with nature photos. Here's a photo I took this year for art class, we had to take a picture of a leave so we could replicate it with colored pencils and paper.(This wasn't the photo I used because it looked to complicated to draw in a short period of time.) I don't have a legitimate camera, I just use my IPod. Someday I want a good camera to take pictures with.

Hating Fruit

I can't stand fruit at all. I don't have a problem with fruit juices, but I just can't take the texture of it, it makes me gag for some reason. I try it from time to time to see if I'll change my mind, but it's always the same. I just can't eat it. Funny thing is I won't eat tomatoes either, like I won't even eat tomato sauce. I find this funny because tomatoes are so similar to fruit, and they have the same texture as fruit, which is probably the reason I can't stand them. Also, many people argue over whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables.

Converse Are Life

I LOVE converse! They are my favorite type of shoe by far. I have 7 pairs that I wear quite often. If I could, I would wear them each and every day. I will not wear shoes that look similar to converse from a different brand, they have to be the brand name. I don't know why I'm like that, but that's just how I am. I love converse so much, I'm planing on wearing them for my wedding. I was thinking of getting a pair diamond encrusted just for the occasion. They'd be like more important than my dress! I just get really excited about converse, as you can see.

My Goals

Making others happy

My overall goal in life is to make others happy. I try my best to make the people around me as happy as they can be, even if it doesn't make me so happy. I realize that I can't always make others happy, but it never hurts to try. I would achieve this goal by being the nicest I can possibly be and help everyone out when they're in need. It feels good to be nice to others because most of the time they do the same back to you, which results in overall happiness.

Getting a good education and having a good life

I also have the goal to get a good education so I can get a good job that I love which will result in me living comfortably. If I get a good enough education in college I can make sure that I get a job that I love. With that job I will earn enough money where I don't have to worry if I have enough money or not. I also want to earn enough that I can live comfortably and the way I want. With a good job, I am guaranteed a good life, and that's why my goal is to get a good education.

Continue with tumbling

Another goal I have is to keep up with my love of tumbling. I really enjoy tumbling and it would be a shame if I just quit doing it. Tumbling isn't just fun, it's also beneficial. It is a really good way to stay healthy and fit. Tumbling requires a lot of exercise and if I continue with it, it will keep me fit and in shape. It is important to be as healthy and fit you can be, and tumbling is a great way for me to do that.

I would love to visit Paris

Someday I would love to go to Paris. I think it is beyond belief beautiful there and I would enjoy every aspect of it. One of the reasons I would love to go to Paris is because of the gorgeous scenery. I would love to take photographs there. There would be so much beauty there I wouldn't know where to start. Another reason for my desire to go there is that I've always thought their food looked extremely appetizing. It seems like all they eat is pastries, and I'm all about pastries, I would eat them all day if I could. Overall I would just love to go to Paris.

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