Foreign Aid

BY:Alan Robles

          Two nations Greece and The European union have agreed upon an extended bailout plan on March 9, 2015. This is saying that both countries will benefit from each other,and will alter or prevent an economic collapse. I agree that a nation or country should be helping another country in order for the world to become a better place.In fact it will help us make new allies if war ever happens in this generation.

          This latest deal will keep loan money flowing while easing the austerity measures that have contributed to years of hardship and sky-high unemployment. Still, more trouble may lie ahead,Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who came to power promising to end the cuts, has agreed to maintain "discipline" when it comes to budgets, spending and taxes.Furthermore this will contribute and be helpful for both nations. In addition with this flowing of money, it will be a great increase for the economy and it'll  beneficial. This is a great idea because nations should help each other out in order for them to be a good economy for people to settle in.But with what the prime minister said it might have some problems ahead,but that doesn't mean it cant be fixed.

           As a matter of fact this idea will be very important if the economy collapses.For example as if they're in debt if this idea hadn't been found no one will be able to help them.When it is not simply being wasted, U.S. aid to Afghanistan is being spent on projects that the Afghan government does not have the capacity to sustain, and "millions" of taxpayer dollars could end up in the hands of the enemy. What this is saying is that they want to spend the money they don't have but with the aid of another country or nation that idea can happen.With each others help the economy will be strong and they wont be in a severe crisis.

          Be the next person in your country or nation to get involved in foreign aid to help a country in a very bad situation.As a matter of fact the way we can solve this is by just helping those countries in need of our help.One simple thing or little thing can change many things so be that person who changes it. In addition we can all work together to help accomplish what other countries or nation cant yet. Be that change in the world cause who knows maybe one day you'll be awarded.