1.Paper towns by john green.

4.Quentin:Dynamic, self centered "what a treacherous thing to believe a person is more than a person" pg 282. he thinks of Margo as this great person waiting for him, but she wasn't waiting for anything, not even him.

b.Margo: Static, Open minded."We are digging graves for little Margo and Quentin."She always is looking at the bigger picture.

5.The theme for paper towns is nothing happens as you imagine it will. b)This is shown through Quentin search for Margo. c)“YOU WILL GO TO THE PAPER TOWNS AND YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK”

6. This is a complex story filled with teenage love, joy, and disappointment.Its a good story because it allows you to see a bigger picture on life, which isn't always pretty.

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