Kacie Long

Obsession- The little girl had grown an obsession to her doll.

To carry around a doll since you were a little kid and never wanting to let it go

antonym- indifference

synonym- preoccupy  

Agitate- My little brother constantly agitated me to go push him on the swing.

To keep on bugging your mother to buy you something.

antonym- calm

synonym- bother

Toiled- The man toiled and toiled until the finished project was perfect.

To keep working on a project and adding things to make it better.

antonym- lazy

synonym- strive

Grotesque- The sight of mother's cooking  was so very grotesque.

Seeing a bone come out of your skin.

antonym- beautiful

synonym- disgusting

Feverish- You could tell in her feverish eyes that she was in no condition to keep moving.

Being sick for a week and being really tired and weak

antonym- energetic

synonym- exhausted

Convulsive- My cousin was terrified after she went through a series of convulsions.

When your cousin has MS or slight tremors.

antonym- peace

synonym- tremor

Devoured- I watched as the lion devoured the elk.

When you're hungry and you eat all your food really fast

antonym- nibble

synonym- destroy

Anatomy- The girl would like to grow up and study anatomy.

Going outside and looking at your plants and observing your pets.

antonym- connection

synonym- analysis

Gnarled- The rug in the old house was knotty and gnarled.

Having a baby blanket and still using it but its starting to fall apart

antonym- smooth

synonym- worn

Shunned- If you commit treason then you will be shunned from the rest of us.

Talking about a friend behind their back and then your other friends don't talk to you anymore

antonym- embraced

synonym- avoided


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