The Journal James Edmond Pease                  By: Jim Murphy     Book report: Jasmin Horton

This book is historical fiction.

Protagonist- James Edmond Pease

Antagonist- Lt Toms


James was an orphan “Sixteen yr old who wandered the country side, since running away from his uncaring aunt and uncle. So he ran off and joined the army even though he wasn’t ready he did it. James Edmond Pease admitted that he is neither the best at spelling nor the smartest in the company, but Lt Toms picked anyway because there was something about him and he could read his hand writing than some and there is no curse to keep this journal                                                          MIDDLE

Pease had every day event in the life of a soldier. As he was growing up, James Pease most urgent concerns are his sleep and his stomach. He said That " we was up at five this morning, marching by six, with only hardtack biscuits and a tin of coffee.The coffee had to be as old as Colon Titus himself ans tasted like the inside of a boot with a foot still inside." James also describes deadly battles involving cannons and playful battles with snow balls, near starvation  in enemy territory and thanksgiving dinners. He never glorify the war. But then he said " Sgt. Donahue was sitting with his back against the brick wall, shot thru, holding his guts in his hands and bleeding badly." People, animals, death and destruction of the country side all are drawn with an honest line


James, a teenager who had enlisted " because i needed a pair of boots and dinner,: concludes his diary as a mature and a seasoned soldier who has a pretty good handle in his life. He has established friendship, discovered love, earned the respect of his peers and his superiors, for a philosophy to guide his life, and in the process  to survive  the most deadly war in the history of the United States.

What i noticed in the text was that the author put a lot of southern words in it like instead of we were it said we was.

What i noticed about the illustration is that i see James and he looks miserable.


Th plot is man vs man because the whole novel was not a lot of fighting and not a lot of casualties.


- James Edmond Pease( main character)

- Lt Toms( James Lt)

- soldiers

- company G


The setting is in Virgina

This reminds me of when my friend didn't think that she was going to get picked for gymnastic class cause she was not that good but she got picked anyway.

My connection is when and still write in my private journal anything i want.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys journals and history.