"Cowboy Kid"

In the advertisement, the mom asks her kids for her help with bringing the groceries into the house. When they won’t help, the mom says “Guess you don’t want Doritos!” The kids change their minds. Both kids rush to the car to get the chips, but one boy rides his dog and lassos the chips away from his brother. Doritos main consumers are young 18-24 years of age adults who live 24-7 lifestyle. They are not afraid to try new, exiting things that can offer a bit of a challenge. Doritos’ lovers also enjoy spice, flavors food, therefore they would be brave enough to pick unknown name from a Mexican restaurant menu. They are colorful, funky young who want to contrast from the masses.

The commercial is designed to be simple and effective in showing the value of the brand. The interaction between the mom and the kids in the advertisement is the most important dynamic and dialogue. The economic status of Doritos is an everyday snack that all ages can enjoy. The commercial does this by showing the kids reach for the Doritos. Both the young boys are fans of Doritos. The commercial speaks to both young people and adults. Also the average American can find some humor and appreciation in how the commercial is presented.This is a successful commercial and it demonstrates how to execute successful advertising.

Doritos as a company spends this much due to the fact that people watching the Super Bowl like to have snacks during the game, specifically Doritos while watching the game. Doritos as a company is improving its stock every year especially around Super Bowl time. Displaying catchy phrases, new flavors and creating short and witty commercials that stick with the audience. There are no graphics for this page. The intended audience for this commercial could be female/male at of any age. More specifically ages 15-50. Doritos is nationwide organization and becoming a highlight of the Super Bowl culture.