Reconnecting Adolescent Males to Reading for Grades 6-12


Why are boys underperforming in reading?

1. Boys generally take longer than girls to develop comparable literacy skills.

2. Boys generally need more "teacher time" than girls do.

3. Many adolescent boys fail to see real life applications in what they read.

Research-Based Recommendations for Increasing the Reading Engagement in Adolescent Males

1. Provide explicit vocabulary instruction.

2. Provide direct and explicit comprehension strategy instruction.

3. Provide opportunities for extended discussion of text meaning and interpretation.

4. Make available intensive individualized interventions for struggling readers that can be provided by qualified specialists.

What can teachers do to help adolescent boys become stronger readers?

1. Provide boys with informative texts to read from.

2. Use shorter texts.

3. Allow boys to actively respond to texts.

4. Know your students interests.

5. Allow opportunity for the students to apply what they have read to real life events.

Manipulative's to use during classroom instruction to support adolescent male reading:

1. Reading Interest Survey sheets

2. Book Lineage charts

3. Literature logs

4. Book talk scripts

5. Literature circles

6. Book clubs

7. Question cards



Reconnecting Adolescent Males to Reading for Grades 6-12 Presentation

presented by: Sheila Oates, Literacy Consultant of Scholastic Professional Development Services.