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Parlez français avec nous à la dernière Table française du semestre
le mardi 2 décembre 17h30-18h30, Duke 307

Fruits in Gordes, France (taken by J. Starmer)

Boost your vocabulary with this list of expressions for extending, accepting, and (politely) refusing  invitations:

Of course only the French understand these idioms...they're in French!  

These idiomatic expressions all involve animals:

If Thanksgiving has you thinking about food (or you're always thinking about food...?), consider looking at this list of foods to try in Québec:

Want to read French literature...for free?  TV5Monde offers free classic French literary texts:

Those of you who are interested in science may enjoy looking at science simulations in French:

Here is a song by Zaz about Paris:

Travel virtually to Paris (from above), Paris vu du ciel:

Bonne fête de Thanksgiving
(ou d'Action de grâce, comme on dit au Canada)!