10 Important things from flipped work week 2

1. It is important to know the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and the meanings behind them.

2.Using technology in the classroom is becoming more common.

3. It is important to use technology in the classroom and show students how to use it.

4.It is important to keep in mind that some students may be more visual learners.

5. Students learn differently so you should teach in different ways.

6.Checking for understanding is important to make sure that your students are understanding the lesson and are learning.

7. It can be hard to find a standard and then make a lesson to go with it.

8. It is much easier to plan a lesson then go back and find standards that go along with your lesson.

9. It is important to have a purpose for your lessons.

10. Students should be able to have independent practice time to make sure that they understand what is being taught. This can also help the teacher know where the students are at in the learning process.