Abby Baxley

photography portfolio


I took this picture while walking along a stream, I saw it had a cool reflection of the trees above.

nature walk

I took this picture while walking in the "woods' and it is just a shot of a path in it.

spring time

shot of my neighbors tree after it hit "full blossom"


this shot is of a aquarium with a lot of colorful plants.


at the Cameron Park Zoo, gray scaled it to add too the "creepy" appeal.

fly high

shot this bird while it was perched high on a tree. thought it was a cool shot with the clear blue background.


at the Cameron park zoo when I shot these flamingoes, added a filter to make it look a little more "vintage"

up close and personal

at the local zoo when I photographed this elephant, I like how the rough texture of its skin and the detail.

nap time

Cameron Park Zoo is where I shot this picture, I zoomed in close to get the texture of his fur and capture the angle of how the sun was hitting him.

noise maker

this guy was swinging and hollering in a huge tree, I shot this at the right moment when he was making noise.

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