Children that survived the Holocaust

By: Kenzie Verlander


In 1933 the holocaust started by Adolf Hitler, It was a time when all Jewish people were sent to concentration camps by Adolf's Nazi party. Because Hitler wanted a perfect world with blonde hair blue eyed people. He started to make it that way. He would send kids to ghettos until they could start working.While adults would have to work to death.    

10 interesting facts

1 - 1.5 million children were killed in the holocaust

2 - Hans Neuman was 1 of the few survivors of the holocausts

3 - He was born in Berlin, Germany

4 - Him and his brother Leo were deported to Theresienstadt

5 -In 1945 Hans remained until the camp was liberated by Soviet forces

6 -  His brother Leo Neumann did not survive.

7 - He traveled through the Czechoslovakian wood then got arrested by american troops in Germany, because they didn't have an i.d. then got sent to a children's home.

8 - He went to England in 1945 and became a royal engineer for British army

9 - He has been married for 60 years has 2 children and 4 grandchildren

10 - Hans died in 2011 at age 82

5 People who were involved with him

~ His brother didn't survive from the liberated forced of soviet Union

~ His mother died in Berlin, Germany just before the holocaust started

~ American forces captured Hans and a group of other and took them to a children's home sense they didn't ave any source of i.d.

~ Hans' wife, they were married for 60 years

~ Hans' was married but had 2 kids and 4 grandchildren

Who was his hero

Allies were his hero because they took over the camps and removed Hitler from having power.

Why is it important to know about him

It is important to know about Hans Neumann and his story to make sure that the holocaust does not happen again. also it makes people feel bad about this topic and how so much damage can happen from one person  


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